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Michigan Truck Accident Lawyer Review

michigan truck accident lawyer reviewI first called a lawyer from a television advertisement after I was rear-ended by a truck and had terrible low back pain.  The TV lawyer then referred me to another firm and my call was given to a paralegal, not a lawyer.  The paralegal told me that I was not hurt serious enough to have a case and told me that her firm was not interested in representing me.

A friend then suggested that I call attorney 
Daniel Buckfire
about my Detroit, Michigan car accident case.  He spoke with me personally and gave me a lot of information that no one else did.  I met with him at his office and he understood the serious nature of my injury and began working on my case immediately.  My condition worsened and I have had several surgeries.  I can no longer walk.  Mr. Buckfire fought hard to obtain a truck accident injury settlement of $1,400,000.00 for me.


It has been several years after my case settled and Mr. Buckfire is still fighting for me to make sure that all of my medical bills and insurance benefits get paid.  I cannot imagine any other attorney going to such great lengths to help a client.  I am grateful for his efforts.

Bob (Lantzy) got my daughter a substantial settlement that she deserved. I trusted him from the very beginning and it paid off. If your child gets bit by a dog, don't feel bad, you have to look out for your kid's best interest and Bob will do just that for you, like it's his own child.
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