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michigan personal injury attorney reviewFor the first ten years of my legal career, I represented clients who suffered brain injury, spinal cord injury, and other catastrophic injury clients in liability cases.  Since that time, I have served as general counsel for a national physician, nurse, and medical provider service.  Throughout my professional career, there are only a few Michigan personal injury attorneys who I consider to be in an elite group when it comes to representing catastrophically injured clients. Larry and Daniel Buckfire are in that group.  Their reputation for ethical and effective advocacy is respected throughout the legal community.


Atty General Counsel, Michigan
Bob (Lantzy) got my daughter a substantial settlement that she deserved. I trusted him from the very beginning and it paid off. If your child gets bit by a dog, don't feel bad, you have to look out for your kid's best interest and Bob will do just that for you, like it's his own child.
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