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michigan medical malpractice lawyer reviewI contacted Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. to investigate a medical malpractice case against my podiatrist. I was concerned that the treatment that I received from a local doctor was negligent and that this caused me a significant injury. I felt that it was necessary to discuss my case with the top-rated medical malpractice lawyers in Michigan.

I was treating with my podiatrist for foot wound but he was not properly treating my infection. The condition continued to worsen and I eventually went to the University of Michigan Hospital for an evaluation and treatment. I was told by the surgeon that due to the severity of the infection that my leg would have to be amputated. I had a below knee amputation on my leg.

I originally spoke with attorney Larry Buckfire about my case. He has a team of great lawyers and attorney Randy Blau took over my case. He filed a lawsuit against the doctor and was able to prove through medical expert witnesses that the podiatrist was negligent in my care and that this was a cause of my amputation. Mr. Blau was able to obtain an excellent settlement for me.

I would highly recommend the law firm of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. to anyone considering pursuing a medical malpractice case. Both Mr. Buckfire and Mr. Blau handled my case with both skill and professionalism. They really did a great job for me.


Date published: 02/20/2013

Harry Carter, Brighton, Michigan
Bob (Lantzy) got my daughter a substantial settlement that she deserved. I trusted him from the very beginning and it paid off. If your child gets bit by a dog, don't feel bad, you have to look out for your kid's best interest and Bob will do just that for you, like it's his own child.
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