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Michigan Hip Dysplasia Lawyer Review

michigan medical malrpractice lawyer reviewWe contacted attorney Lawrence J. Buckfire to represent our four year old daughter in a medical malpractice case against her former pediatrician. We were very concerned that the pediatrician was negligent in failing to diagnose the condition of pediatric hip dysplasia when our child was an infant. She was later diagnosed by another doctor, but due to the late diagnosis she had to undergo several surgeries.

Mr. Buckfire thoroughly reviewed the records and determined that there was a valid case. He worked with two top medical experts to prove that the pediatrician did commit medical malpractice and that a sooner diagnosis would have resulted in treatment other than surgery. He was able to achieve an excellent settlement for our daughter.

Mr. Buckfire and his staff provided great communication with us throughout the entire process and worked hard to achieve an excellent settlement. I would highly recommend the law firm of 
Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.
to the parents of any injured child and to anyone searching for a top medical malpractice lawyer in Michigan.


Southgate, Michigan
Bob (Lantzy) got my daughter a substantial settlement that she deserved. I trusted him from the very beginning and it paid off. If your child gets bit by a dog, don't feel bad, you have to look out for your kid's best interest and Bob will do just that for you, like it's his own child.
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