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Exploding Product Lawsuit Lawyers

Michigan Exploding Product Lawyers E-cigarettes explodingOur top-rated product liability lawyers can help you if you or someone you care about was injured due to an exploding product.

There are many types of consumer products that have made the news recently due to explosions that cause burn or other serious injuries to their victims.

A person injured from an defective product can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer for damages caused by the exploding product.

What are Some of the Exploding Products Causing Injuries?

The most common exploding products being sold to the public right now include:

Why do Some Products Explode? 

Many products explode due to poor design and flaws in the manufacturing of the product. Other products explode due to wiring problems or defective batteries.

With the push to make products smaller and more user friendly, the batteries that power these devices become smaller. too. When this happens, the energy inside the battery becomes too much for the casing -- causing the devices to explode and, often times, resulting in injuries to those who use them.

What Should I Do After a Product Explodes?

There are several things that you should do immediately after the explosion, which include:

  • Get prompt medical attention.
  • File a police report if possible.
  • Save the device that exploded so that experts can determine the cause of the explosion.
  • Take photos of the exploding product and the damage caused by it.
  • Take photographs of any injuries caused by the explosion.
  • Find your receipt or credit card bill showing proof of your purchase.
  • Notify of the police of the accident, especially if they do not come to the accident scene.
  • Contact our experienced attorneys to begin pursuing your claims.

Have There Been Any Lawsuits Filed for Exploding Products?

Yes. Several exploding product lawsuits have been filed throughout the Unites States by consumers harmed by explosions or fires.

Examples of some recently filed lawsuits include:

Exploding e-cigarettes (e-cigs): E-cigarette lawsuits have been filed in California, Oklahoma, Tennessee and other states by injured consumers. Injuries alleged in those lawsuits in burn injuries, eye injuries, and spinal injuries. Court cases have been filed against the manufacturer of the e-cigarette and the company that made the casings. The lawsuits seek personal injury settlements for pain and suffering, medical bills, and other damages.

Samsung Galaxy 7 Note Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy 7 Note Smartphone lawsuits have been filed against Samsung Electronics America. One lawsuit filed in New Jersey alleges both fraud and breach of warranty and good faith against the company. It claims damages because the company required customers to pay on their contracts after the phones were recalled due to problems with exploding. A Florida man filed a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics claiming he was injured when the phone exploded in his front pocket.

Pressure cookers: Pressure cookers have been the subject of several exploding product lawsuits. Consumers who have been injured by exploding pressure cookers have sued several manufacturers. The lawsuits allege the victims have suffered severe burns and other serious injuries from these home cookers.

Vape pen explosion: Vape explosion lawsuits have been filed by people burned by exploding batteries. The batteries can overheat or overcharge and build up pressure in the plastic case, causing an explosion. A California woman was recently awarded $ 1.9 million dollars by a jury due to burns she suffered on her legs, hand, and buttocks when her vapor cigarette exploded.

Natural gas explosion: Exploding natural gas lawsuits have been filed in the United States against several manufacturers. The suits allege that the explosions were caused by violations of applicable codes, standards or recommended safe practice; a defective product or combination of defective products; or minimal or no public or consumer information on the safe handling and use of natural gas. Some causes of gas explosions:.

Exploding hoverboard: Exploding hoverboard lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers across the U.S. The lawsuits allege that the self-contained batteries overheat or burst into flames due to manufacturing defects and overcharging. The result has been serious burn injuries to the users. One lawsuit claims that an exploding hoverboard caused a house fire that resulted in more than $ 1 million in property damage.

What Types of Settlements Can I Receive in an Exploding Product Case?

The type of compensation that you can receive in your exploding product case depends on the state where the explosion occurred or the state where the defective product company is located. Generally, settlements in these lawsuits can include compensation for:

  • Pain & Suffering (at the time of the explosion and into the future)
  • Fright & Shock
  • Psychological Injuries (like PTSD & depression)
  • Scars & Permanent Disfigurements, such as from burns
  • Disability from Work & Activities
  • Loss of Income & Wages (past, present, & future)
  • Bystander Claims (witnessing a family member injured in an accident) • Medical expenses
  • Death (filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit)

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