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Wayne county Medical Malpractice Lawsuit - Physician Negligence

Posted on Mar 26, 2010

In Wayne County Circuit Court a medical malpractice case recently settled against a hospital and physician when an elderly patient went in for a bladder procedure. The 80 year old patient followed advisement when she was told to drink plenty of water after being discharged from the hospital and by doing so caused her sodium to deplete causing mental confusion. The plaintiff was rushed to the hospital, where the physician chose to intubate. During the intubate, the plaintiff's esophagus was perforated and surgery was required to repair to repair the esophagus.

The hospital argued that the perforation was not caused due to the negligent care of the doctor, but caused by nasogastric tube placed by a nurse when the plaintiff first came in. The jury fund that the physician was negligent. She was awarded $524,000 for past medical expenses and past and future non-economic damages.

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