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Wayne County Birth Injury Settlement - Blindness - Medical Malpractice

Posted on Feb 01, 2010

A Wayne County medical malpractice lawsuit involving a birth injury settled for $7.53 million. The suit alleged that prior to the child's birth, her mother tested positive for G. vaginalis bacteria in a cervical culture. She was not cultured again until her membranes prematurely ruptured three months later when she was diagnosed with G. vaginalis, a staph infection, and E. coli. She spent two weeks at the hospital before returning to her home. Paragraph the mother returned to the hospital with a fever and vaginal discharge. Due to her infection in the fact that the fetus was in the breech position, the baby was delivered via C-section and taken to the intensive care unit.

The baby subsequently had an ophthalmology consultation throughout retinopathy of prematurity was diagnosed with blindness in both eyes. The child has permanent blindness is a result of the failure to timely diagnose and treat this condition. She will not be able to drive a car or live independently in the future. The settlement was for $7.53 million but other information is kept confidential due to the terms of the settlement agreement.

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