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University of Michigan Hospital Malpractice Claims Approach

Posted on Mar 12, 2009
The University of Michigan Hospital has received national acclaim for their approach to medical malpractice cases.  Unlike many hospitals throughout Michigan and the rest of the country who deny medical negligence and fight every case to the end, regardless of whether they committed malpractice, the UM Hospital is open-minded and reviews complaints of malpractice before a lawsuit is filed.  If they agree that they were negligent, they apologize to the victim and family and often even try to settle the case.  In many situations, this is the best solution for both the victim and the hospital.

When presented with a claim the hospital performs an internal investigation to review the merits of the claim.  They often agree to meet with the patient and the medical malpractice lawyer to discuss the case before a lawsuit is even filed.  This process has reduced the number of the lawsuits filed against them.  Of course, they do not agree to accept liability and responsibility in every case and lawsuits are still filed, but their innovative approach has been studied and replicated by other hospitals throughout the United States.
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