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Ruptured Aneurysm After CT Scan - Michigan Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Posted on Oct 28, 2010
A medical malpractice lawsuit was recently settled against a physician, radiologist, and hospital when patient went in for a CT scan. The middle-aged patient went to his primary physician with a concern about the intense headaches he was having. The physician referred the patient to a radiologist, failing to diagnose the patient with "cerebral aneurysm" upon referring him. The patient underwent a CT scan where the radiologist diagnosed as normal. However, the radiologist misread the CT scan, and the patient had two aneurysms that ruptured resulting in severe neurological complications and disability.

The patient argued that the signs of the aneurysm should have been diagnosed and treated. He asserted that if the CT scan would have not been misread the aneurysms would have not had a chance to rupture because they would have been caught in time. The defense had no argument. The case settled at facilitation for $4 million.
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