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Personal Injury Lawyers in Michigan Support Event For Spinal Cord Injury Victims

Posted on Aug 13, 2012

On July 21, 2012, Danny’s Miracle Angel Network (D-MAN) Foundation held its 3rd annual Hollywood Night and Awards Celebration at the historic Fillmore Theatre in Detroit, Michigan. The Michigan auto accident lawyers of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. are proud to announce their support for this recent event. Our support will help provide funding and access to resources for the disabled community that will hopefully increase their quality of life.

The event is a fundraising event that honored spinal cord injury survivors. The D-MAN Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of families and individuals with physical and mental disabilities. Through the foundation, people with various disabilities have the opportunity to achieve the highest quality of life possible.

A spinal cord injury usually begins with a sudden, traumatic blow to the spine that fractures or dislocates vertebrae. The damage begins at the moment of injury when displaced bone fragments, disc material, or ligaments bruise or tear into spinal cord tissue.

Spinal cord injuries are classified as either complete or incomplete. An incomplete injury means that the ability of the spinal cord to convey messages to or from the brain is not completely lost. People with incomplete injuries retain some motor or sensory function below the injury. A complete injury is indicated by a total lack of sensory and motor function below the level of injury.

In the United States, there are over 700,000 individuals with serious disabilities, primarily spinal cord injuries from a car accident. In fact, every forty-one minutes, an individual will sustain a serious injury. According to a report done by Michigan Traffic Crash Facts, for every person killed in a Michigan car accident, 76.1 persons were injured in auto accidents. 6,725 persons received A-injuries; an A-injury is incapacitating and prevents normal activities and generally requires hospitalization. A spinal cord injury from Michigan car accident is an A-injury.

“We believe that investing in our community not only improves the lives of our friends and neighbors, but it also enriches our own lives and makes us better lawyers,” says Daniel Buckfire, Partner and Attorney of the Michigan accident law firm.

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