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Oakland County Cerebral Palsy Settlement - Medical Malpractice

Posted on Feb 04, 2010

In Oakland County Circuit Court birth injury case recently settled against a hospital and physician when a minor child suffered a birth trauma. The trauma left the terminally disabled by cerebral palsy. She has global developments including mental retardation.

The lawsuit contended that after her birth and during her admission to the NICU, the child oxygen saturation and condition slowly decreased. At one point, three hours less about a nursing notes being made as to the child oxygen centralization. Eventually, she received 100% oxygen but her blood oxygen continued to desaturate.

As a result, she suffered from respiratory distress syndrome from air leaking into her chest and lungs. This is a condition known to occur in premature infants. As a result of this, the infant suffered a hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy causing her cerebral palsy and mental retardation.

The hospital argued that they acted appropriately and that the child's cerebral palsy was not a due to the negligent respiratory collapse. The case subsequently for  the amount of $3 million.

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