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North Branch Bus Accident

Posted on Dec 11, 2008

A freakish North Branch bus accident resulted in a broken windshield but no major injuries.  The accident occurred on December 10, 2008 while a school bus was traveling on Lake Pleasant Road south of Clear Lake Road on the way home from school.  A duck flew right into the windshield, causing it to collapse into the bus and onto the bus driver.  The windshield did not shatter, and with some assistance from the students on the bus and a person who saw the accident happen, she was able to pull over, call for another bus, and supervise the students until the new bus arrived.  The driver suffered some cuts on her arms but was otherwise unhurt.  The duck was found dead in the front of the bus.

It is a very good thing the bus driver did not panic when this happened, as she could have veered off the road and really injured a lot of children.  I am very glad no one was seriously hurt.

Lawrence J. Buckfire
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