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Michigan Wrongful Death Lawsuit - Anesthesilogist Malpractice

Posted on Mar 09, 2011
An anesthesia medical malpractice lawsuit was recently settled against a hospital when a patient went in for abdominal pain. An appendectomy surgery was performed without incident and the patient was taken to the recovery room. While the patient sat in the recovery room, he was prematurely extubated and immediately could not exchange air. He remained without oxygen for 17 minutes due to the anesthesiologist failed efforts to secure an airway and time for the surgeon to be called. The patient suffered irreversible brain damage and died 17 days after the incident.

The defendant hospital argued that everything was done appropriately and a malpractice did not take place. However, with the testimony of the general surgeon and the fact that the anesthesiologist had never performed an emergency re-intubation was the key to winning the lawsuit. The lawsuit settled for $650,000.
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