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Goodrich Man Saves Car Accident Victim from Drowning | Goodrich Car Accident

Posted on Dec 22, 2008

A Goodrich man saved a neighbor from drowning after his SUV rolled over.  The rollover accident occurred on November 26, 2008 when Nate Hempton lost control of his SUV on Dutch Road because of slippery roads.  His SUV rolled over and landed in a drainage ditch which was filled with water.  Nate Hempton attempted to escape the vehicle but was trapped beneath ice that he could not break.  He retreated into the car where he found an air pocket and started yelling for help.  Fortunately, another motorist Nate Riley happened to be coming down Dutch Road and saw the overturned vehicle.  Nate Riley stopped and broke the back window of the SUV so that Nate Hempton could escape.  Nate Hempton was trapped for about ten minutes, but was unhurt.

Hopefully stories like this remind us that we should slow down and be extra careful while the weather is so bad.  They should also remind us that there are people like Nate Riley in the world, who are willing to help out without thinking about.  I encourage everyone to read the full story through the link.

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