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Bicyclist Hit By Drunk Driver in Clawson MI

Posted on Oct 21, 2008

In recent news, a suspected drunk driver struck a bicyclist in Clawson.  Our firm is very sorry to hear about this crash and hope the bicyclist hit has a fast recovery without any permanent damages. The negligent driver was from the city of Troy and even thought weather conditions and roadside construction may have been a contributing factor in the collision, the driver did blow a 0.17 on a preliminary Brethalyzer test at the scene of the accident.  0.17 is twice over the legal limit.

According to police, the intoxicated driver pulled out of a parking lot near Black Lotus Brewery located at the intersection of 14 Mile Road and Main Street in Clawson, when he struck the bicyclist.  The bicycle rider was riding his bike northobound along Main Street.  Due to the impact of the crash, the injured bicyclist was taken to Beaumont Hospital.  He suffers internal injuries and severe head trauma.


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