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Birth Injury Bacterial Infection Verdict

Posted on Aug 23, 2009
A St. Louis jury has awarded $6 million to the parents of a 6 month old baby who died after a Missouri hospital failed to diagnose a bacterial infection, delaying treatment.  The parents took their son, Dylan, to Cardinal Glennon on June 26, 2002 after finding him to be feverish, lethargic and having trouble breathing. The hospital discharged him later the same day, failing to diagnose a bacterial infection. He was taken back to the hospital by ambulance the next day when his condition worsened, and he died six days later after treatments were unsuccessful.

The Missouri malpractice lawsuit alleged that the hospital's infection misdiagnosis prevented the baby from receiving proper treatment the first time they took him in.  Following a one week trial, Saint Louis University was found medically negligent for the misdiagnosed blood infection on August 17, and the parents were awarded $6,080,000, according to a statement released by the family's medical malpractice lawyer.

Most bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics, but it is important that the diagnosis and treatment come as early as possible. Left unchecked, many can be fatal. But even if the infection is not fatal, delayed treatment can lead to permanent damage and injury.


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