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Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Cases

Our Michigan medical malpractice lawyers handle cases involving the death of a patient due to negligence by a doctor, hospital, clinic, or nursing home.  These cases are called Wrongful Death Lawsuits and are brought by a personal representative of the deceased patient and are brought seeking monetary compensation for the loss of a family member who ws the victim of medical malpractice. 

To win this type of case, the lawyer for the malpractice victim's family must prove that there was negligence in the treatment of the patient and that the negligence was a cause of the patient's death.  Common claims for wrongful death as a result of medical malpractice include:

-Misdiagnosis of cancer
-Failure to diagnose cancer
-Surgical errors and mistakes by surgeons
-Injuries that occur during surgeries
-Anesthesia errors and mistakes by anesthesiologists
-Failure to treat cardiac conditions resulting in heart attacks
-Death due to sepsis and infections
-Medication errors and mistakes
-Emergency Room and Urgent Care mistakes
-Falls in nursing homes

The amount of non-economic damages is "capped" under Michigan law for wrongful death arising from medical malpractice.  Non-economic damages would include claims for the loss of society and companionshp of the loved one by other family members.  Economic damages, such as loss of income and loss of services, is not capped under Michigan law.  Typically, a combination of both types of damages is sought in the wrongful death lawsuit.
It is important to contact a Michigan medical malpractice lawyer shortly after the death if you believe that there was negligent medical treatment that caused the death.  Many times, a private autopsy is necessary before burial to establish that malpractice was the cause of the death.  Without an autopsy, malpractice can still be established but in many cases it becomes much more difficult. 

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