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Michigan Car Accident Wrongful Death LawsuitsOur Michigan wrongful death lawyers have won substantial settlements in wrongful death auto accident cases. In addition to the terrible loss of the family member, a death from a car accident can have also have a significant economic impact on the other family members. This is especially true if the decedent was the primary income and wage earner in the family.

Michigan Fatal Car Accident Statistics

Michigan Traffic Crash Facts reports that in 2015 calendar year, a total of 893 people died in fatal Michigan car accidents.  Several of those accidents included multiple deaths and the total number of people killed in auto accidents in this state was 963.  One out of every 10,303 people in Michigan was killed in a traffic crash. 

Of the 963 people killed in traffic crashes, 593 (61.6%) were drivers of the vehicles and 167 (17.3%) were passengers. Outside of the vehicle, a total of 170 (17.7%) of the victims were pedestrians and 33 (3.4%) were bicyclists.  The most common hazardous action issued by police in a fatal accident case was for excessive speed.

Michigan No-Fault Insurance Benefits for a Car Accident Death

In most circumstances, the surviving family members can make a survivor’s loss claim under the Michigan no-fault Laws. These claims include payment for the loss of household services that would have been provided by the decedent to the members of the household.  The statutory amount for these services is $ 20.00 per day and this totals $ 21,900.00 over the time period.  The family is also entitled to receive lost wages for the first three years after the accident and this is often paid as a lump sum by the insurance company after the accident.  Other benefits include partial payment of funeral and burial expenses. 

There are specific time deadlines for filing these claims and if you wait too long your claim may be destroyed forever. Our no-fault insurance attorneys will help you prepare all of the necessary forms and get the insurance adjuster all of the supporting documents needed to process your claims and get them paid.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits After A Michigan Fatal AutoAccident

In an auto accident death lawsuit, the family of the decedent can sue the negligent driver and owner of the vehicle for significant money damages.  These include claims for loss of society and companionship, loss of income, loss of services, loss of support, and other monetary claims.  If the decedent was employed  or looking for a job at the time of the death, our economist experts will project the loss of earnings over the lifetime of the victim.  This lifetime loss of earnings is often a substantial part of the settlement.

A claim can also be made for the pain and suffering endured by the victim from the time of accident until death.  This amount is determined by the jury and it depends on the facts of the case.  In a recent Michigan trial, the jury awarded the family the amount of $ 5 million for less than three seconds of pain and suffering in a case involving a commercial bus striking and killing an innocent pedestrian. 

How Much Are Michigan Auto Accident Wrongful Death Settlements?

Every case is different and there are no guidelines for determing the fair settlement amount for a case.  The factors that go into determining the amount of the settlement include the degree of fault of the negligent driver and whether the victim was partially at fault for the crash.  A jury can reduce an award if the accident victim was determined to be partially at fault for the accident.  The reduction is based upon the percentage of fault assigned to the victim.

Another major factor in determining the amount of a settlement is theinsurance coverage policy limits available for the claim.  Some drivers and vehicle owners have large policy limits and others have the minimum coverage allowed under Michigan law.  There may be multiple policies that can apply to a single accident, especially if the driver had an insurance policy and the owner of the vehicle had a separate policy of insurnace.  Many drivers and companies also have excess insurance, or umbrella policies, that provide  higher limits for the loss.  Additionally, there may be underinsurance coverage on the decedent's own insurance policy that can be used to get a higher settlement.

Our experienced auto accident attorneys will investigate all potential coverage to help guarantee that you will receive the highest possible settlement.  People who try to settle their case without an attorney may not be aware of all of the available types of coverage and simply accept what they are told by the insurance company adjuster.  This can be a very big mistake and can cost the surviving family members potentially millions of dollars in settlement money.

Examples of our Fatal Michigan Car Accident Settlements

Our expert fatal car accident lawyers have won top settlements and jury verdicts for our clients.  Below are examples of auto death cases handled by our law firm.

  • $1,350,000 Settlement for a Waterford pedestrian struck by a truck on the shoulder of a road.
  • $1,000,000 Judgment against a negligent driver for hitting a bicyclist in a Detroit suburb.
  • $  900,000 Settlement in an Eaton County, Michigan auto accident wrongful death settlement
  • $  850,000 Settlement for a fatal Macomb County motorcycle accident.
  • $  500,000 Settlement for a I-94 roller over accident near Port Huron, Michigan.

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Buckfire & Buckfire Best LawyersOur legal team includes the most successful wrongful death attorneys in Michigan. Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. and our lawyers have won the top awards in the legal profession, including:

  • U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firms
  • "Best Michigan Personal Injury Attorney" by American Lawyer Academy
  • Named Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Michigan
  • Honored as "Super Lawyers"
  • Top Martindale-Hubbell Rating (AV) for Skill & Integrity
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