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What You Should Do After A Michigan Car Accident

what to do after a michigan car accidentMichigan car accident lawyers are frequently contacted by auto accident injury victims many months or even years after suffering injuries in a Michigan car accident. Because many months have passed, it is often more difficult to obtain important information to help the client with his no-fault insurance claim for a claim against a negligent driver.

Contacting a Michigan car accident lawyer shortly after the acccident is beneficial because it starts the investigation before witnesses relocate, memories fade, and vehicles are repaired. For more information regarding the investigation of your car accident, check out these resources:

Michigan Car Accident Advice & Information

There are many things that a car accident victim can do immediately after an accident, and even before calling an attorney, that will help with the auto accident case. These include:

  • Keep your auto insurance declaration page and your registration in your car so that you can provide the information to the police.
  • Write down the license plate number of the other vehicle involved in the accident.
  • Write down the driver's license number and home address of the other person involved in the vehicle. Ask to see the driver's license and also request a telephone number.
  • Obtain the insurance information from the driver of the other car.
  • Look around to see if there were any witnesses. Often times, witnesses will come to the scene to assist the parties.  Write down their names and phone numbers.  Also get there addresses if possible.
  • Wait for the police to arrive at the scene to investigate the accident and take witness statements. Leaving the scene of a car accident can result in criminal charges in many states.
  • Take photographs of the damage to the vehicles and the location of the vehicles in the roadway.
  • Promptly report the accident to your insurance company. There may be limits and restrictions on filing claims.
  • Seek prompt medical attention if you are injured.

These may seem like common sense things to do, but many people are upset and shaken after an accident and forget these important steps.

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