12 Steps to Take If Someone Dies in A Michigan Car Accident

FlowersWhen someone dies unexpectedly in a Michigan car accident, there is a lot to do quickly after the accident.  There is no way to prepare for this kind of tragedy and, unfortunately, there is a lot to be done even during the initial period of shock and disbelief. 

You are undoubtedly experiencing a wide range of emotions, but knowing the things you need to do will make the process less stressful. Below is a checklist of the things to do immediately after a fatal Michigan car accident:

  1. Contact other immediate family members to let them know the terrible news.  The best way to communicate the loss is by phone, but circumstances do not always make that possible.  Direct contact is best before posting it on Facebook or other social media to a large group.
  2. Find out from relatives if the decedent had a will or if there were any preferences for funeral and burial arrangements.  If there was a Will, the specific preferences may be stated in the document.  Otherwise, the decedent may have previously expressed his or her wishes to a family member.
  3. Once the type of funeral and burial is agreed upon, begin making phone calls to start the process.  Don’t be afraid to ask to the specific costs for everything to make sure that is affordable for the family. 
  4. Select a date for the funeral once you have confirmed which out of state relatives will be travelling to town and when they can arrive.  Have family members make a list of people to contact and then notify them of the funeral date.
  5. Prepare an obituary for both the newspaper and the funeral service.
  6. Investigate if the decedent had a life insurance policy or other policy that provided for funeral and burial expenses.  The policy is usually kept with other important documents.
  7. Find out if the decedent had an auto insurance policy.  The Michigan No-Fault Insurance laws provide for survivor loss benefits and partial payment of funeral and burial expenses.  These benefits are available even if the accident was caused by the person who died.
  8. There may be no-fault insurance available even if the accident victim did not have an auto insurance policy, or even own a car.  Our experienced attorneys will get this information for you.
  9. Start to gather all medical and hospital expenses that may have been incurred after the accident.  You will want to submit them to the auto insurance company for payment and reimbursement.  This is a requirement under the no-fault insurance laws.
  10. Speak with our car accident attorneys to find out if the family can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party that caused the accident.  It is important to do this as soon as possible so that investigation into the cause of the accident can be started.  We will also help you with the no-fault insurance claims.
  11. Notify all governmental agencies of the death, including Medicare, social security, the motor vehicle bureau, and other federal and state offices.  Make sure checks will be stopped until all issues are sorted out.  Also, notify all banks and credit cards of the death so that no improper or unauthorized withdrawals or charges are made to accounts.
  12. Notify all credit reporting agencies to eliminate possible identify fraud and theft.

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