Wayne County Fatal Car Accident Cases

Our Michigan car accident lawyers frequently represent victims of fatal traffic accidents in a number of cases related to auto, pedestrian, bicycle, truck and alcohol related incidents in Wayne County, Michigan.  Family members of a fatal accident victim experience significant grief after their loss and often do not know or understand their legal rights.  They want to know who will pay for their loss, how will they survive the loss of a family wage earner, and what types of legal obstacles might stand in their way.  We provide prompt and direct answers to these questions and begin working on the case immediately.

Overall Analysis

The number of these types of accidents is discussed in the Southeast Michigan Traffic Crash Facts of 2007, which was published by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments in May, 2008.  Its report was published in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Transportation and several other state and federal agencies.

In the year 2007 a total of 355 Fatal Traffic Crashes resulted in the death of 382 people. The figure was over 2% lower than in 2006. Out of these crashes a majority (34.5%) were Rear End crashes and the next largest were the Angular crashes (20%). The head on crashes were few and accounted for only 4% of the total fatal crashes. An interesting figure was the month where maximum crashes took place in the state of Michigan - December totally 13,702. Most crashes took place on a Friday.
The time between 3PM to 6PM was witness to the maximum crashes, with as much as 1 out of every four crashes occurring during this time. 
 Wayne County Analysis
 A fatal traffic crash is a traffic crash that causes a death within 30 days of the crash.  In the accident types normally recorded, it is a type K kind of a crash where a human fatality occurs. Fatal traffic crashes decreased 1.9 percent in Southeast Michigan in 2007. 

In Wayne County, this figure was the highest at 170. An increase of 9 compared to 161 in 2006. The Fatal Traffic Crash Rate (the fatal crashes per million VMT) was at .89 compared to .84 in 2006. The County specific Age based Fatal rates are not provided in the report. However, it is evident that the figure was high and the age group of 15 and below were the involved in a higher margin.
Most Fatal accidents took place in the month of June and also on a Sunday. The time between 9AM and 10AM was one where maximum accidents occurred.
An illustration of the countywise fatal accident statistics in Southeast Michigan is depicted in this graph.
Biggest Wayne County Cities
     Grosse Pointe

Fatal Accident Claims

These alarming figures indicate that there is an immediate requirement to quickly become aware of the rules and laws governing the Michigan auto Accidents and especially those involving a fatality.  Under Michigan law, the relatives of a person killed in a fatal Michigan car accident have several potential claims.  These include claims under the Michigan No-Fault Insurance laws for "Survivor Benefits" and claims under the Michigan Wrongful Death Statute There are strict time limitations and deadlines for filing these claims and it is important to contact a Michigan car accident lawyer as soon as possible to start your claim.
 Choosing the Best Lawyer For Your Accident Case
It is important to choose a Michigan car accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.  This will guarantee that your claims are properly submitted in a timely manner.  It will also assist the attorney in performing a prompt investigation of the accident so that witnesses can be located and interviewed, photographs can be taken, and the vehicle can be preserved for an inspection.  A delay in hiring a lawyer can affect the ability to prove and win your case.
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