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Waterford Motorcycle Accident Victim Dies From Serious Injuries

Our motorcycle lawyers are reporting a tragic story in the news about a Waterford Michigan motorcycle accident at the intersection of Elizabeth Lake and Exmoor Roads.  The recent collision took place in the p.m. hours.

According to reports, a Jeep Liberty was turning left onto Exmoor Road when it collided with a motorcycle driven by Daniel Deszell.  Due to the impact of the accident, Deszell suffered serious injuries and was transported to the hospital where he later died from his catastrophic injuries.  The driver of the Jeep Liberty, a 31-year-old woman from Wateford did not suffer injuries.

This is a very tragic accident and our sympathies extend to the Deszell family. This is truly a senseless loss.

According to statistics, a Michigan motorcyclist is the victim in one out of every seven crashes causing death, and one out of twenty-eight collisions causing injury. In the last decade, motorcycle accident deaths resulting from these crashes have unfortunately increased. This is due to several reasons, however the most common reasons of why these accident take place include:

  • Negligent driver turns left in front of biker
  • Vehicle fails to see the motorcycle before the collision
  • Trucks or cars forcing motorcyclists into a guard rail
  • Failure of a motorcyclist to over/under estimate a curve in a road
  • Speeding by the vehicle driver and/or motorcycle rider

Victims injured in biker accidents and family members of those who have lost a loved one in a Michigan motorcycle accident do have legal rights. Legal rights of a motorcyclist killed are dependent on a number of factors including whether the motorcycle was injured, the ownership of the motorcycle, and the facts of the accident itself. The determination as to whether injury victims can receive these benefits involves a number of complex legal issues and it is therefore important that an experienced Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer be consulted as soon as possible so that important filing deadlines are not missed.

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