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Veterinarian Records In Michigan Dog Bite Lawsuits

Under Michigan law, it is not necessary to prove that the dog had a previously bitten another person to win a dog bite lawsuit.  Unlike some states, Michigan does not have a “one free bite” rule, which essentially holds that a dog owner is not liable for an injury if the dog had never bitten anyone in the past.   Rather, Michigan law holds the dog strictly liable for a dog bite injury or attack unless the victim somehow provoked the canine.

Many dog owners try to avoid liability by arguing that their dog was gentle and friendly and only attacked because it was provoked or antagonized by the victim.  Our lawyers have successfully countered this defense by obtaining the veterinary records of the dog.  These records have disclosed previous bites on people and serious temperament problems which nullify the provocation defense.  These vet records have helped us win substantial settlements for our clients.

In a Michigan dog bite lawsuit, the victim can collect compensation for several different types of damages depending on the attack and resulting injuries. Typical damages that victims can receive money damages for include:

Pain and suffering: Compensation for physical pain and suffering and mental anguish suffered in both the past and into the future. 

Loss of Earnings: Loss of earnings suffered as a result from time off of work due to the injuries.    This includes wages, commissions, bonuses, and all other earnings and fringe benefits.   A claim for future lost earnings can also be made.

Scars & Disfigurement: If the dog bite injury causes scarring or other unsightly marks, the victim is entitled to recovery for the disfigurement.  Because these injuries are often in very visible places, such as the face or arms, victims are often very self-conscious of their appearance.

Psychological Damages:  Children are frequently bitten in the facial region and require plastic surgery later on in life.  Depending on the age of the child at the time of the attack, many surgeons will not perform surgical revisions until the child reaches early adulthood.  This means that many times, children will go through the embarrassment and humiliation of the scar through adolescence, a period in which they are very self-conscious of their appearance. This often impacts them both socially and emotionally.

Medical Expenses: Damages include any sort of medical expenses that a dog bite victim has had to pay for at the hospital, clinic, or to a pharmacy.  These include the cost of basic medical treatment, going to the emergency room, and any sort of surgical treatment or care needed to repair the scar.

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