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Twenty-Four Hour A Day Attendant Care Services | 24 Hour Attendant Care Claim

Our Michigan attendant care lawyers assist car accidents victims with their No-Fault Insurance claims.  When a person suffers a serious injury in an auto accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, or pedestrian accident, it is quite often necessary for a person or agency to provide the injury victim attendant care services in the home.  These services often include assistance with medications, assistance with activities of daily living, monitoring, and supervision.

The need for attendant care services is determined by a physician.  A physician must write a script for these services and it is the physician who determines the number of hours each day that attendant care services are necessary.  In many cases, the doctor will determine these are needed twenty-four (24) hours a day.

The determination as to the type of service needed and the number of hours is dependent on the type of injury suffered in the car accident.  In cases involving spinal cord injuries and closed head injuries, it is often necessary to have supervision for twenty-four hours a day for the lifetime of the accident victim.  Other times, like when a person suffers severe orthopedic injuries, the need for 24 hour attendant care services may be temporary until the person recovers from the accident related-injuries.

Many times, the insurance adjuster will tell the injured person that they are only entitled to a certain number of hours of attendant care a day, and not when they are asleep.  This is completely false.  Other times, the insurance company will underpay the properly hourly rate for the benefits.

If you are receiving attendant care benefits or have been denied these benefits, we strongly recommend that you contact our law office to determine whether the insurance company is properly paying for your benefits for attendant care services.   If your benefits are being unpaid or underpaid, we will file a lawsuit for you to recoup that money and to ensure future payments are for the appropriate amount of money.

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