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Michigan Tree Stand Injury Lawsuits

Michigan Tree Stand Hunting Accident LawyersMichigan hunting injury lawyers often represent hunters and their families in lawsuits arising out of hunting accidents. While hunting provides great sport and recreation for many, there are unfortunately many serious accidents and injuries that occur during the hunting season.  Many injuries occur from tree stand falls and cause serious and catastrophic injuries, including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and death. Millions of people enter the woods every year armed with rifles and bows and arrows in search of large game and the thrill of the hunt. Nearly 90 percent of deer hunters use tree stands to gain an advantage over their prey.

Deer Tree Stand Injuries

Deer tree stand platforms allow a hunter to position himself out of sight of game for optimal camouflage and shooting position. While there are several designs, the majority of commercially built deer stands are attached to trees at heights exceeding 10 feet. If a stand is defective, a hunter is at serious risk of suffering severe injuries.

Tree stands detaching from trees are not uncommon.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that tree stand injuries are frequent source of serious injuries to hunters. If a hunter is not wearing a safety harness they will fall to the ground. Permanent paralysis and even fatal injuries are sometimes a result. Hunters are also at risk of breaking bones or dislocating body parts if their stand collapses and they are wearing their harness improperly. Making matters worse, because people usually hunt alone, it can often be hours before an injured person is found. It is estimated that nearly 10 percent of all deer hunters using a tree stand will fall over the course of a 10-year-period. Besides injuries, the medical costs of a trip to the emergency room and rehabilitation as well as lost wages can make a fall from a defective tree stand a life changing experience.

Michigan Tree Stand Injury Lawsuits

A person injured in a tree stand accident may have a legal cause of action against the manufacturer and seller of the tree stand.  These claims can include a defect in the product, lack of proper safety devices, and defective warnings for the product.  The law holds these companies responsible for the injuries and losses sustained by the hunting injury victim. In the case of someone who has died as a result of a hunting accident, the family of the deceased has the right to recover money damages for their loss. This gives rise to a wrongful death lawsuit.

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