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Michigan Truck Accident Regulations

Our Michigan truck accident lawyers handling trucking accident and tractor-trailer cases often rely on federal trucking regulations to establish negligent driving by a truck driver involved in a Michigan truck accident. In Michigan, there are over 5,000 truck accidents every year and over 100 truck accident fatalities a year. Personal injury lawyers handling truck accident cases must be aware that these are different than typical car accident cases.
The attorney for the injury victim relies on ordinary rules of negligence in accident cases in addition to federal truck driving regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The Administration has set specific regulations for the operation of trucks, semi-trailers, and tractor-trailers on highways and freeways throughout the United States. This includes proper licensing, driver qualifications, driving time restrictions, hazardous material rules, and maintaining accurate records and logs.

Michigan Truck Accident Lawsuits

In a truck accident lawsuit, the attorney for the injured person can obtain these records to determine whether any of the federal regulations have been violated by the truck driver or the trucking company. This evidence is very useful in establishing liability against the driver and the company. In many states, violations of this act can result in punitive or exemplary damages against the trucking company.

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