The Truth Behind Independent Medical Examination Doctors

Our Michigan personal injury law firm represents injury victims in all types of accident and injury cases.  These cases include auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, work injury accidents, disability claims, and all other types of insurance claims and negligence cases.  Like most personal attorneys, we have grown accustomed to the ridiculous and outrageous opinions of doctors hired by insurance companies who perform “independent medical examinations.”

These highly paid doctors are “hired guns” for the insurance companies whose main goal is to recommend the termination or reduction of important benefits.   These doctors fully understand their insurance company driven mission and frequently give opinions that are simply baseless and intellectually dishonest.   The sad part is that they do not understand, or perhaps do not care, about the impact that a termination of benefits will have on an injury victim and his or her family.

The Truth Behind Independent Medical Examination Doctors

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We created this comic illustration as satire to visually depict the simple truth behind independent medical examination doctors.  Many doctors who perform these examinations are paid substantial sums of money by the insurance companies for performing these exams and rendering opinions that are favorable to the insurance company.  One Michigan neurologist testified that he had earned over $10,000,000.00 in his career from just performing insurance medical examinations.  One can only imagine how many millions of dollars the insurance companies save every year by receiving favorable reports from these insurance company doctors.

We hope that you will share this comic illustration with your family, friends, and colleagues so that they fully understand what waits for them in the unfortunate event of an injury accident or an insurance claim.  If you are a personal injury attorney or an insurance claim attorney, you will want to share this with your clients before they go to their “independent medical exam” so that they will best understand the purpose of the exam.  If you “Like” this blog post and this illustration, please “Like” us on Facebook.