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Texting While Driving Causing Michigan Car Accidents | Auto Accident Attorney

The Michigan auto accident attorneys of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. represent those injured in car accidents everyday. Texting while driving is a distraction that leads to many Michigan motor vehicle accidents and some prove fatal. We help those seriously injured by a distracted driving crash.

Driving and texting simultaneously is extremely dangerous, yet it is very common, especially among teenagers. Our Michigan car accident lawyers have found statistics compiled in a study done by Harris Interactive on the dangers of texting and driving. According to the study, 57% of teen drivers admit to texting while behind the wheel of a car. Regardless of laws banning and texting and driving and the ensuing consequences, young adults seem to ignore these obvious warning signs and proceed to text.

Texting and Driving Statistics

  • 35% of the teens in the study strongly agree that if they text and drive regularly they will be killed someday.
  • 57% of the teens in the study strongly agree that drinking and driving is fatal.
  • 83% of the teens in the study strongly agree they are more likely to have a wreck while drinking and driving as opposed to 63% who strong agree they’ll have a wreck if they regularly text and drive.

Distracted Driving and Car Accident Statisitcs

Other studies have shown dangerous car accidents are not just limited to distractions such as texting or drinking. Distractions can come from anything including non-texting cellphone use both hands free or handheld.

Distracted driving is said to be responsible for 5,000 deaths and 450,000 vehicle crashes in the United States per year. In 2009, 16% of fatal crashes involved reports of distracted driving according to the NHTSA. Also, while the numbers have not been released for 2011 yet, a study done at Virginia Tech found that an individual texting while driving is 23 times more likely to crash.

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