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Take Photos Of Bed Sores & Pressures Sores To Show Neglect

Our Michigan bed sore lawyers represent residents of nursing homes and patients at hospitals who suffer bed sores while admitted to a medical facility.   A pressure sore or bed sore can lead to significant medical problems and even lead to death.  If a family member or loved one has suffered a bed sore, our lawyers suggest that you take photos of the condition to best document the claim and injuries.  Photos of these injuries are the best evidence to prove the serious nature of the damages suffered by the resident or patient.

To best demonstrate the condition to an insurance adjuster or a jury if your case goes to trial, we suggest taking the following types of photos:

  • Photos taken immediately after the bed sore is discovered to demonstrate the severity of the injuries.  These show the pain and suffering caused by the sore and what the skin looked like before medical treatment.
  • Photos taken at the hospital immediately after treatment has been provided.  These show the pain and suffering caused by the treatment itself and what the condition looked like before the healing process began.
  • Photos taken just after any plastic surgery or other treatment.
  • Photos taken during the entire healing process, even over a lengthy period of time.  The neglect nursing home patient is entitled to compensation for every stage of the healing process and even if the appearance of the sore greatly improves over time, this does not minimize the impact of the ulcer over time.
  • Photos taken just before a mediation or settlement meeting.  These demonstrate the maximum improvement of the injury.

With the ease of using digital cameras nowadays and the fact that many people have high quality cameras on their smart phones, anyone can take photos of a bed sore that are extremely important in proving medical negligence and medical neglect. If possible, our lawyers recommend that you take a large number of photographs at every stage of the process.

Photos of a bed sore have been a valuable part for us in obtaining significant bed sore settlements and jury verdicts for our clients.   Even if you are just contemplating whether to file a bed sore claim, you should take photos of the injuries immediately after the sore is discovered and throughout the entire healing process.  The sooner you contact our office after a bed sore case, the sooner we will be able to best document your damages to win you the highest compensation for your claim.  Call our Michigan law firm now at (800) 606-1717 so that we can start working on your case immediately.