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Tailbone Pressure Ulcers & Bed Sores At Michigan Nursing Home

Our Michigan tailbone pressure ulcers nursing home attorneys are in demand by victims of nursing home neglect who are seeking a lawsuit for nursing homes neglect.  These lawsuits are brought against the nursing home for one reason: bedsores on the tailbone that exist because the nursing home staff let a resident continually suffer from tailbone pressure ulcers and bed sores while under their care.

While these conditions may be common, it does not mean they are inevitable. In fact, tailbone pressure ulcers and bedsores are completely preventable with healthcare protocols that involve proper care, treatment, and monitoring. When tailbone pressure ulcers and bed sores do occur, the resident suffers a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering and can file a lawsuit against a nursing home. You can’t blame yourself or a loved one for the development of these tailbone pressure ulcers and bed sores.

How Tailbone Pressure Ulcers & Bed Sores Start in Michigan Nursing Homes

Whenever a patient lies in a bed or sits in a chair or wheelchair, the areas of the body that are bony take the brunt of the pressure. When sitting, the tailbone and bones of the buttocks called ischial tuberosities receive most of the pressure from the upper body weight. If the person doesn’t shift position every 15 minutes, the skin covering the tailbone starts to degrade.

At first, the changes in the skin are mild and the skin isn’t broken. This is a Stage 1 Tailbone Pressure Ulcer or bed sores. However, a trained health professional would notice that fluid is starting to accumulate in the tissue, the skin color changes and the area may hurt when touched.

In Stage II tailbone pressure ulcer or bed sores, a blister or crater is starting to form. By Stage III, both the top layer of the skin – the epidermis, and the bottom layer – the dermis are now affected. The ulcer is progressively destroying more and more tissue.

In Stage IV, the ulcer may continually erode more and more tissue, including muscle, bone, tendons and joints. Dead skin may also start to form a callus and must be removed.

The situation is even more serious when a patient has a spinal cord injury because the skin doesn’t function as it should. It doesn’t sweat as normal skin sweats and the skin doesn’t maintain its structure without breaking down. The skin changes and continues changing for up to five years after a spinal cord injury with greater loss of functions. This makes the skin more susceptible to breakdown and the formation of pressure ulcers and tailbone bed sores. But this doesn’t mean it’s your loved one’s fault if these tailbone pressure ulcers or bed sores develop.

Sue Michigan Nursing Home For Pressure Ulcers On Tailbone

All patients have legal rights, including those whose family members visit them often and those who live out of town and can only visit infrequently. The bottom line is that patients with tailbone pressure ulcers and bed sores are suffering needlessly from these conditions and if nursing and medical staff were following proper protocols, these conditions would never progress to the later stages of bed sores and tailbone pressure sores.

There are distinct signs of lack of proper care that you should start taking note of regarding your loved one’s care in the nursing home. Some of the signs relate to bathing and hygiene, body position during sleeping and sitting, turning schedules, nutritional care, clothing choice, type of wheelchair and even temperature of the environment.

If you are a victim yourself of tailbone pressure ulcers and bed sores, or your family member has them, don’t wait until the ulcer eats away your loved one’s muscles, bone and joint in the end stages of pressure sores. Contact our office immediately to discuss the case with our experienced Michigan nursing home neglect lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire P.C. Law Office by dialing (800) 606-1717. Our policy is based on a No Fee Promise where you don’t pay any legal fees until we win or settle your case.

Unfortunately, some Michigan nursing homes are notorious for their track record of allowing tailbone pressure ulcers and bed sores to linger without giving them the proper care. The longer they are allowed to get away with this, the more patients will continue to be victimized and end up with a lot of pain and suffering from bed sores and tailbone pressure ulcers.

Contact Your Michigan Tailbone Pressure Ulcers Nursing Home Lawyers

The experienced nursing home lawyer experts at Buckfire & Buckfire, specialize in cases of tailbone pressure ulcers and bed sores. Their very successful track record for winning sizeable settlements against Michigan nursing homes when nursing home staff fail to properly manage and prevent tailbone pressure sores in residents is admirable.

Why watch your loved one continue to suffer from these conditions, which can even lead to serious infections and death? Call the office today at (800) 606-1717 for a free consultation. We’ll explain how it works and your legal rights. We’ll discuss what evidence and statements we need to win your tailbone pressure ulcers and bed sores negligent case. Your loved one needs your advocacy now more than ever. Call today for your free consultation!