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Surgical Fires in the Operating Room – Surgery Fire Lawyer Michigan

Our medical malpractice lawyers in Michigan represent patients who have suffered serious burn injuries from surgical fires in the operating room.  Surgery fires are much more common than patients are led to believe by hospital and doctors.  In fact, many hospitals do not even provide high risk patients information about operating room fires and burn injuries.

Surgical fires are fires that occur in the operation on or near a patient who is undergoing a surgical procedure or medical procedure.   These fires occur when three elements are present.  These elements include an ignition source, a fuel source, and an oxidizer.

Ignition sources include electrosurgical units, lasers, and fiberoptic light sources. Fuel sources include surgical drapes, alcohol-based skin preparation, and even the patient.  Oxidizers include oxygen, nitrous oxide, and room air. 

The FDA has information to the public on surgical fires in the operating room. (  This includes other factors that also increase the risk of fire. For example, alcohol-based skin preparation agents are very flammable when still wet. The placement of surgical drapes (such as when they are placed in a way that allows oxygen to pool under them), and the handling of ignition sources (such as resting hot ignition sources on the drapes) may also increase the chance that a surgical fire will occur.

Many patients are at high risk for a surgical fire based upon the type of surgery that are undergoing in the operating room.  Hospital and doctors need to assess the likelihood of a surgical fire and take necessary precautions to prevent injury or harm to the patient.  The failure to prevent a fire during surgery can give rise to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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