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In recent news, there have been several nursing homes fined for their lack of patient oversight.  This is a huge concern, as lack of oversight at a nursing home or medical facility can result in significant injuries to a patient, even death.

Nursing home staff consists of registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN), and certified nursing assistants (CNA).  The facility is required to provide a staffing ratio between these care providers to properly supervise or oversee the patients in their rooms, bathrooms, the dining area, and other common areas.  When a patient is injured or dies due to lack of oversight, it can give rise to a Michigan nursing home neglect lawsuit.

Many residents residing at nursing homes are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.  Due to this fact, nursing homes need to have sufficient amount of adequately trained staff to supervise, monitor, and oversee patients. When a patient is not overseen, they are more prone to become involved in an accident and suffer injury.  Some of the most common types of accidents and injuries that occur from lack of patient oversight include:

  • Elopement and wandering from nursing home
  • Fall injuries resulting in head injuries, broken bones, and fractures
  • Burn injuries due to hot water and in showers and baths
  • Choking injuries while eating in the resident room or dining area
  • Malnutrition and dehydration of the patient

Do You Have A Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit?

Patients who have suffered injuries or were killed at the fault of the nursing home in which they reside at do have legal rights.  Lack of oversight of patients is considered negligence on behalf of the facility, and if a patient is injured they may have the legal right to pursue a lawsuit against the nursing home. These nursing home neglect lawsuits seek compensation for the patient and the family for the injuries suffered.  They also serve to prevent such a tragedy from happening to another patient in the future.

In Michigan, there are strict statutes of limitations for filing a nursing home claim. If you suspect your loved one has been neglected due to lack of supervision of the nursing home staff, call our top rated attorneys immediately to discuss your case so that your case is not barred forever due to time limitations.

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