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Sue Michigan Hospital for Bed Sores & Pressure Ulcers

Our Michigan hospital negligence lawyers sue hospitals for patients who have suffered bed sores during their admission.  Bed sores are completely preventable with proper screening, care, and treatment even though some patients are at high risk for pressure sores due to their medical conditions.  Frequently, neither the patient nor the family even sees these bed sores until they are very advanced, like a Stage 3 or Stage 4 bed sore.  When these bed sores do occur, the patient and family can sue the hospital by filing a medical negligence lawsuit.

Upon admission to the hospital, the nursing staff is required to assess a patient’s risk of skin breakdown and developing bed sores.  Numerous factors go into determining the likelihood of a particular patient developing bed sore, including mobility of the patient, the nutrition of the patient, and whether the patient in incontinent. If the assessment determines that the hospital patient is a risk for developing a bed sore, the nursing staff is required to develop and implement a plan to both prevent the sore from occurring and to treat it at the initial stages.  The hospital staff will often consult  a wound care specialist if the early stages of a bed sore are seen to start treatment in order to prevent it from worsening or become significantly infected.

Infection seriously delays the healing of earlier stage bed sores but can be life-threatening at Stage 4.  Infection can penetrate the bone, causing osteomyelitis and requiring weeks of treatment. From there, the infection can spread into the blood stream, causing sepsis. This will also require weeks of treatment and skin grafting may be necessary. Skin graft operations, however, may not be successful in older or malnourished patients, which are two of the groups most likely to suffer Stage 4 bedsores.

Patients in a hospital who suffer bed sores and pressure sores do have legal rights and can sue the Michigan hospital. These injuries and conditions are completely preventable with proper nursing practices and medical supervision. Patients, or their family members, should contact our office immediately to determine their legal rights for bedsore injuries against a hospital.