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Michigan Slip and Fall on Ice Cases: Black Ice Injuries

Michigan Ice & Snow Slipping LawsuitsMichigan slip and fall injuries on snow and ice cause serious injuries. Michigan winters are not only dangerous on the roads, but also are hazardous when walking on sidewalks, porches, and in parking lots. Fall often result in bone fractures, hip injuries, back injuries, as well as traumatic brain injuries. Our law firm has even handled a wrongful death case arising from a fall on ice injury. 

What Are The Michigan Laws for Falling On Ice?

The laws in Michigan for slip and fall on ice cases has changed dramatically over the past few years. In the past, property owners were required to diminish the hazards of snow and ice within a reasonable period after they accumulated. This meant that the property owner, or landlord, had to shovel snow or put salt down after it snowed to minimize the risk of injury to someone walking on the property.

However, those laws have changed in recent years.  Courts now frequently dismiss fall on ice cases under a new legal rule, called "open and obvious" doctrine.  Basically, these rule states that if a person could have reasonably observed the snow or ice before walking on it and falling, then the injured person cannot file a slip and fall lawsuit or claim. This is true even in serious injury cases.

Are there exceptions to the Open and Obvious Rule?

There are a few exceptions to this open and obvious rule so it is still worthwhile to find out if you have a slip and fall case. You may be able to file a lawsuit if you fell on a porch or sidewalk in your own apartment complex.  In cases involving black ice that is not visible, then the rule may not apply. Also, if the condition is unavoidable because there are no alternate routes available to the pedestrian then it may be possible to still pursue a case.

Types of Injuries from a Fall On Ice Accidents

Falls  on ice and snow often result in very serious injuries, especially to the elderly population who are unable to protect themselves or catch their balance before striking the ground. Common fall injuries from a fall include:

  • Brain bleeds
  • Traumatic brain injuries & closed head injuries
  • Broken bones and fractures (arms, wrists, hands, hips, legs, ankles, and feet)
  • Back injuries, including spinal cord injuries, bulging discs, & herniated discs
  • Shoulder injuries, like a torn rotator cuff
  • Nerve damage
  • Death directly caused by the fall for from other complications

What is the Compensation for a Slip & Fall on Ice Lawsuit?

The Michigan laws provide for several types of compensation in a slip and fall lawsuit. Settlements include compensation for your pain and suffering, disability, loss of enjoyment of life, disfiguring scars, and payment of medical expenses. If you were disabled from work due to your injuries after a fall, you are entitled to your lost wages for time missed from work. Claims are also made for loss of income and earnings going into the future if you are unable to return to work or will earn less in the future due to the injuries suffered from the fall accident.

In cases involving a death, we will file a wrongful death lawsuit for the surviving family members. These claims include the pain and suffering endured by the decedent from the time of the fall until death, the loss of society and companionship by surviving family members, loss of income and support, and funeral and burial expenses.

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