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Michigan Slip and Falls on Wet Floor Lawsuits

Michigan Slip and Fall Wet Floor LawsuitsOur Michigan slip and fall injury lawyers represent clients injured due to slippery conditions at grocery stores, department stores, malls, restaurants, and other retail businesses. These include falls due to wet floors, slippery substances, melted snow or ice, spilled or smashed produce items, and other spilled liquids. These types of falls can result in very serious injuries, including but not limited back injuries, neck injuries, fractured bones, hip injuries, knee injuries, as well as traumatic brain injuries.

Michigan Store Slip and Fall Laws

Under Michigan law, a storekeeper has a duty to provide reasonably safe aisles for customers and is liable for injuries resulting from unsafe conditions caused, among other reasons, by the active negligence of the storekeeper or his or her employees. The injured person must prove either that the storekeeper caused the unsafe condition or that the storekeeper knew or should have known of the unsafe condition. In addition, the injured person must be able to prove what caused him or her to slip and fall.

Report Your Slip and Fall to the Store

It is important for you to report your slip and fall incident to the store manager or other store personnel immediately after the accident. Many times, the store manager will make a written report of the injury accident which often includes important information, such as the date and time of the injury, the condition that caused the injury, the names of any eyewitnesses or store employees with knowledge of the incident. It may also  include your description of the injury or physical complaints of the injured customer.

Also, the store manager will even take a photograph of the defective condition. If you or someone with you has a camera, even on your cell phone, you should take photos of the condition. Once it is cleaned up, the store may deny the condition ever existed. This may make your case difficult to prove at  later date.

The insurance company for the store may have an adjuster contact you after the accident and before you speak with a lawyer. The adjuster is trained to get you to say things that may later ruin your slip and fall case. Speaking to an adjuster before you hire a lawyer is a mistake for that very reason.

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Warning: There are strict time deadlines for filing Michigan slip and fall lawsuits.

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