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Schoolcraft County Dog Bite Lawyers: Lawsuits & Settlements

Schoolcraft Dog Bite lawyers

Our dog bite lawyers can help you if you were injured in a Schoolcraft County dog bite attack. These attacks often result in serious injuries, including lacerations, puncture wounds, nerve damage, and broken bones.  Dog bite victims incur hospital and medical expenses for their treatment and often need plastic surgery for scars and disfigurements caused by a bite.

We have obtained significant settlements and verdicts for our clients injured in these dog bite attacks. Compensation is paid for pain and suffering, disfigurement, medical expenses, and lost wages. We can help you or someone you care about win the best settlement for your case.

Michigan Dog Bite Laws

Many cities and counties have ordinances regarding dogs and the responsibilities of dog owners.  An owner or keeper of a dog who violates any of these ordinances can be held liable for damages in a civil lawsuit to a dog bite victim.  The ordinances can be used to prove a case in addition to other Michigan dog bite laws.

Schoolcraft Dog Bite Laws

In Schoolcraft, there are laws that apply to dog owners.  These can be found in the Schoolcraft County Ordinances.  Specifically, they are as follows:

Sec. 14-33.  Allowing dog to run at large; unlawful.

It shall be unlawful for any person who owns or keeps a dog within the corporation limits of the village, to allow such dog to run at large within the village.

(Comp. Ords. 1989, § 35.101)

Sec. 14-36.  Confining, muzzling dogs; declaring dogs a nuisance.

(a)   Upon the second day next after the president shall issue such proclamation provided for in section 14-35 hereof, it shall be the duty of every person who shall own or keep a dog within the village, to either confine such dog securely within some building or structure or to some substantial object upon the premises of the owner or keeper of said dog, so as to prevent such dog from biting any person or animal and from being bitten by any other dog, and to keep such dog so confined during the period specified in such proclamation, or to cause such dog to be securely and effectually muzzled during the said period, and no muzzle shall be deemed sufficient unless it be of such form and strength and so attached and fastened as to effectually prevent such dog from biting any person or animal.
(b)   During the time mentioned in such proclamation any dog which may be running at large or be upon said streets attached to a chain or leash and in the immediate control of some person without being muzzled as hereinbefore required is hereby declared to be a nuisance.

(Comp. Ords. 1989, § 35.104)

Schoolcraft Dog Bite Reports

Quite often, the victim of the attack files a report with either the local police or local Animal Control agency.  When a report is filed, it is necessary to obtain report.  Our firm routinely obtains these for our clients. 

For a report filed with Animal Control in Schoolcraft, you should request the Animal Control report at the following location:

Schoolcraft County Animal Control
300 Main Street
St. Manistique, MI 49854

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