School Injuries and Accidents

Michigan school injury lawyers represent students who have suffered injuries while at school.  This includes injuries suffered at both public school and private schools.  When your child attends school, you expect that your child will be in a safe and secure environment during the day.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Students are regularly injured while at school every year. Injuries occur on the way to and from school, during the school day, and during extra-curricular activities.  Students are injured from a number of causes, including dangerous and defective conditions at   school, the failure of teachers to properly supervise the children during activities, the bullying and assaults by other students, the physical and sexual abuse of teachers, and the failure of the school to provide a secure setting free of dangers.


Michigan school injury lawyers often handle cases for students who are injured by poorly maintained school buildings or defective conditions at the school.  In those cases, the student must send written notice of the defective condition to the school within ninety days of the injury or the claim will be barred by law.  In most other cases, the student has three years after the injury to file a claim and this period can often be extended until the child’s 19th birthday.


When teachers, administrators, and other school staff members fail in their duties to keep children safe from harm, they can be held accountable.  The student can seek monetary compensation for the physical injuries, emotional injuries, and the costs of medical treatment.


If your child has been injured at school, you should contact a Michigan school injury lawyer to discuss your rights.




Please note that Buckfire & Buckfire P.C. is not accepting cases for student bullying.  Recent case law in Michigan has made it extremely difficult to win this type of lawsuit against a school system or school employees.  The content below is for informational purposes only.  We sincerely regret that we cannot pursue this type of case for you or your child.