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Scars and Disfigurement Injuries In a Michigan Car Accident

Our auto accident injury lawyers frequently represent accident victims  who have suffered serious scars or disfigurements in a Michigan car accident.  Under Michigan law, a person who suffers a serious permanent disfigurement in a motor vehicle accident is entitled to compensation for that injury.  These injury claims can be substantial.

In a car accident, a scar is often caused to the face or forehead due to either impact with the windshield or the passenger window at the time of the crash.  Other scars and disfigurements are caused by lacerations due to contact with other parts of the vehicle.  In cases involving pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists, the scar or disfigurement can be caused by physical contact with the automobile itself or even by the road or another object.  Finally, a scar can be caused by surgery necessitated by an accident related injury.

Several factors go into determining the "settlement value" of a scar. These depend on the location of the scar, the size of the scar, the permanency of the scar, and the available treatment for the scar. A scar on the cheek of a young girl or teenager will most likely have more of an impact on the way the victim perceives herself, how others perceive, and how it affects her self-esteem. This is much different than a grown man with a scar on his arm, even though this type of scar is also compensable.  Scars and disfiguring injuries also serve as a constant reminder to the injured person of the event or accident that caused the injury.

Many scars heal over time or can be improved though medical procedures or surgery, like scar revisions, dermabrasion, and even laser treatment from a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.  An accident victim who undergoes one of these procedures to reduce or eliminate a scar is still entitled to be compensated for the scar while it is visible, for the pain related to the treatment, and for the expense of the treatment.

If you or a family member have sustained a serious scar or disfiguring injury in a Michigan car accident, you should contact law office to determine whether a personal Injury claim should be pursued. We have obtained significant settlements and verdicts for scar injury clients.