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Michigan Scar & Disfigurement Injuries

Michigan Scarring & Disfigurement LawsuitsMichigan personal injury lawyers often seek compensation for clients who have suffered a scar or other disfiguring injury in an accident.  These injuries are frequently seen in burn injury cases, dog bite cases, car accident cases, motorcycle accident cases, and medical malpractice cases. It is important to understand the impact that a scar has on the client in order to achieve the best possible settlement for the client.

A scar is a permanent patch of skin that grows over a wound. Scarring is an essential part of the natural healing process following any injury to our skin. The type and severity of the scar depends on many factors, some of which are unrelated to the injury and involve our genetic predisposition. The severity of the injury also plays an important role in the severity of the scar.

Determining The Settlement Value of a Scar

Several factors go into determining the settlement value of a scar or disfigurement. These depend on the location of the scar, the size of the scar, the permanency of the scar, and the available treatment for the scar.  A dog bite scar on the cheek of a young teenager will most likely have an immense impact on the victim's personal self-esteem.This is much different than a grown man with a scar on his arm, even though that type of scar is also compensable. Scars and disfiguring injuries also serve as a constant reminder to the injured person of the event or accident that caused the injury.

Many scars heal over time or can be improved though medical procedures or surgery, like scar revisions, dermabrasion, and even laser treatment from a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.  An accident victim who undergoes one of these procedures to reduce or eliminate a scar is still entitled to be compensated for the scar while it is visible, for the pain related to the treatment, and for the expense of the treatment.

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