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Rollover Vehicle Injury Lawsuit Filed By White Lake Township Lawyers

Our client and her husband were driving near Union Lake and Elizabeth Lake Road in White Lake Township, Michigan when they lost control of their vehicle and crashed into a ditch.  The car rolled several times.  The husband was driving and our client was riding passenger.

Our client suffered very serious injuries in the rollover accident, including a cracked sternum and lumbar spine fracture at the L-1 level. She was hospitalized for five days and a CT scan that was taken of her head revealed that there was blood on the brain.

Our top rated auto accident attorneys filed a lawsuit on her behalf seeking damages for pain and suffering, and disability.  No trial date has been set by the court.

Rollover Accident Statistics

Rollover motor vehicle accidents quite often result in life altering injuries, permanent disability or even death. Injuries often include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, severe orthopedic fractures, and other serious complications.

These types of injuries can occur in any vehicle including passenger cars, however minivans, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUV’s) have a greater chance of a single rollover crash.  This is primarily due to the fact that these vehicles are taller (higher center of gravity) and narrower.

Even a 5 star rated vehicle has a 10% chance of rolling over. Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 95% of these types of crashes are tripped - meaning the vehicle strikes something low, such as a curb or shallow ditch, causing it to tip over.

Rights of Victims Injured In Rollover Car Crash

Persons injured in a rollover car crash have the legal right to pursue claims for personal injuries and no-fault insurance benefits, including in cases involving single vehicle accidents, such as this case we just filed. A no-fault insurance claim would include payment for medical expenses, lost wages, and other benefits. An injured passenger can make a claim even if the driver did not have an auto insurance policy and if did not have an auto insurance policy.

For more information about your rights after a rollover auto accident and to speak with one of our award winning Michigan car accident attorneys, call us now at (800) 606-1717. We will discuss your case with you and determine your legal rights.