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Keeping Seat Belt On After A Michigan Car Accident Can Prevent Roadside Injuries

Most people understand that wearing your seat belt while driving, or as a passenger, is a simple way to prevent injuries and minimize the seriousness of potential injuries if involved in a car accident.  However, what many people do not realize is that if you have been in the unfortunate circumstance of being involved in a car crash, putting your seat belt on AFTER the accident can help prevent further roadside injuries.

Michigan Car Accident LawyerOften times when involved in a car accident you sit waiting for help to arrive.  Even if pulled off to the side of the road there is still a chance that you may be involved in another collision.  A very common example of this is a vehicle rear-ending you from behind because they did not see you pulled off or at a complete stop on the road.

Instances such as the above are more common in bad weather conditions, however, good or bad weather, our Michigan car accident lawyers highly recommend to wear your seat belt after your involvement in an accident.  Putting the seat belt back on can prevent further injuries and help keep you safe.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA):

  • Overall, 63% of people killed in car accidents are not wearing seat belts.
  • Wearing a seat belt will reduce the risk of injury by 50%.
  • Among passenger vehicle occupants over age 4, seat belts saved an estimated 13,250 lives in 2008. If all passenger vehicle occupants over age 4 has worn seat belts, 17,402 could have been saved.

Every day our Michigan car accident lawyers see the outcomes of fatal crashes, handling cases for injury victims.  Often times after being involved in an auto accident, one can feel a little confused about their legal rights.  That is why our top rated personal injury law firm offers free, legal advice to those who have fallen victim in a Michigan car accident.

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