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Hospital Risk Managers & Michigan Medical Malpractice Claims

Our Michigan medical malpractice lawyers represent patients and their families who were injured as a result of medical malpractice that occurred in a hospital.   Quite often, when a patient is harmed due to medical negligence and the hospital is aware of the incident, the Risk Management Department of the hospital becomes involved.  The patient and the family may then be contacted by a risk manager.

Risk Managers are employees of the hospital with specific medical or legal training, or both.  The  job of the risk manager it is to review negative events and complaints of both medical negligence and poor patient care.   Generally speaking,  it is a good thing for the patient and family when risk management becomes involved in the matter.  It provides an avenue for discussions regarding what happened, and allows a patient or family to convey their concerns about the medical care provided to a patient.

Meeting with a risk manager can help the patient better understand the hospital's position on the type of care provided.  Most times, the risk manager will deny any negligence by the hospital.  On some occasions, the risk manager may agree to pay a small settlement to the patient but still deny any wrongdoing.

Although many people agree to meet with risk management without legal counsel, it is important for the patient to have his or her own attorney involved in discussions with Risk Management.  There are often medical and legal issues discussed during meetings with Risk Management that only an experienced medical malpractice attorney can handle and address.  Without an attorney present, patients and their family members often convey information that may damage their claims and hurt the chance of receiving a fair settlement at a later date.

Without the assistance of a medical malpractice attorney, victims will not know whether a settlement offer being made by Risk Management is reasonable and fairly compensates the patient or family for the injuries and losses sustained.  Although accepting an offer from Risk Management may seem reasonable, there are often several undisclosed terms and conditions that can undermine the recovery and can cause future problems for the patient and family if they have not hired an attorney.  The attorney is the safeguard against these future problems.

For example,  there will be issues regarding who will be responsible for paying both past and future medical expenses and  who will be responsible for and reimbursing the health insurance companies and governmental agencies for their medical liens.  A medical malpractice victim might receive a nice settlement, only the find out that Medicare must be paid back out of the settlement funds.   Also, it is important to know what injuries are included in the settlement prior to any settlement offer being accepted.  These are just a few of the details benefits of involving a well-qualified medical malpractice attorney in all stages of process.

Making the decision to involve an experienced medical malpractice attorney case when Risk Management is involved is an important one.  If you or your family member were injured in a hospital and you believe that the injury was caused by a due to negligent care by the medical staff, you should contact our medical malpractice lawyers immediately to discuss how we can assist you in obtaining answers to your questions and obtaining justice.   Call us now at (800) 606-1717.

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