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Heater Burn Injuries | Resident Neglect in Michigan Nursing Home

Our experienced Michigan attorneys consider your loved one’s safety their number one priority.  When nursing homes fail to provide their resident with the safety they deserve, they are at fault for negligence.  Often, it is the nursing home’s poor judgment that causes injuries to their residents.  Burns are one of the most common injuries, which often times have lasting results on the victims. However, these burn injuries are completely preventable, and when the nursing home is at fault for the injury, a Michigan nursing home neglect lawsuit can be pursued.

Burn injuries most often happen in the elderly.  Many times burn injuries happen because the patient’s safety is not a priority.  Burns often result from falls and with proper supervision and knowable staff, they are completely preventable.  When falls do happen, they can lead to more severe injuries, especially if that patient happens to fall out of bed onto his or her heating device. Burns such as heater burn injuries are all too common in nursing homes. To prevent this injury, Michigan nursing homes should place the heater further from the bed.

Michigan Nursing Home Residents & Heater Burn Injuries

Severe, even deadly injuries can result from heater burns.  Space heaters and other appliances used to provide heat for patients can be a dangerous hazard if they are not properly installed and supervised by the staff.  Regrettably, nursing home patients continue to suffer injuries due to the poor decisions made by the nursing home staff.   Portable heating device burns can be stopped with proper training for the staff.  All staff should practice and be fully aware of the proper procedure regarding patient care to keep every patient safe.

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