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Michigan Replacement Service Benefits: Household Help Claims

Michigan Replacement Services Lawsuit LawyersA person who suffers serious injuries from a Michigan car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or bicycle accident may be unable to do the chores around the home that he or she was able to do prior to being injured. Michigan household replacement service benefits are payments for services performed around your home that you used to do but can no longer complete due to the injuries from the Michigan car accident. These services include, but are not limited to, cooking, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning, laundry, cutting the grass, shoveling the snow, and taking out the garbage. The person providing the services can be a family member, friend, or someone that you hire to help you.

What are Household Chores & Replacement Service Benefits?

You can receive up to $20.00 a day for household service. This amounts to $600.00 each month during your recovery. You are entitled to these household chores and replacement service benefits for up to the first three years after the date of the accident if you are unable to perform the services yourself. The person claiming payment for services must have an expectation of payment for the services, but this can be from the insurance company.

How do I Submit My Michigan Replacement Service Benefit Claim?

Your Michigan replacement service benefit claim must be submitted to the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim. To file your household service claim, you need a prescription from your doctor for these services. Typically, you would submit a a list of the services performed each day of the month with the name of the person performing the household chores. The insurance company has thirty days to pay you after the form was sent to the adjuster.

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What Should I Do If My Replacement Service Claim is Denied?

If your insurance company refuses to pay your household service benefits, your only option is to file a lawsuit. You must file a lawsuit within one year of the date on which the last unpaid No-Fault benefit was incurred.

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