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Repeated Falls of Residents in Michigan Nursing Homes

Our nursing home injury lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. often represent residents who suffer injuries from falls in skilled nursing care facilities. Falling in a nursing home is common but quite often preventable.   Quite often, the same nursing home resident will fall a number of times during the admission to the nursing home. 

Many times, the injury suffered in the first fall may be relatively minor but much more severe in subsequent falls.  The injuries suffered in these falls are often severe and result in fracture bones, injuries to the head and brain, and even death.  In cases involving death, the family of the resident can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the nursing home.

There are certain situations and circumstances that create a higher risk for a nursing home resident to fall. These include: 

  • Muscle weakness
  • Gait or balance problems
  • Environmental hazards (i.e., wet floors, poor lighting, incorrect bed height)
  • Medication intake
  • Difficulty moving form one place to another

Nursing home residents should be properly assessed for their risk of falling when they are admitted to the nursing home facility.  A fall plan should be initiated and proper precautions must be taken to prevent a resident from falling at the home.  Even with proper precautions, there are situations in which a resident can fall.  However, there is no justification for resident having repeated falls in the same facility if necessary precautions are taken and appropriate supervision and monitoring is implemented.

When a resident is injured from a second fall or repeated fall, it is likely the result of negligence by the nursing home staff.  Residents who suffer injuries due to a fall in a nursing home do have legal rights.  To learn the legal rights of a resident who is injured due to a repeat fall in a Michigan nursing home, you should call our office at (800) 606-1717 to speak with one of our experienced Michigan nursing home negligence lawyers.  You can also fill in the GET HELP NOW box and press “Click To Send” and we will get back with you shortly.