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Michigan Misread X-Rays & Medical ErrorsA radiologist's misinterpretation of an x-ray, mammogram, CT Scan, or an MRI scan can lead to a variety of serious problems from this misinterpretation.  In many cases, a misdiagnosis or a missed diagnosis by a radiologist will result in the failure to treat a serious condition or the delay in treating a serious condition, both of which might have serious medical consequences. 

There are also occasions in which the radiologist reports the proper findings and interpretations, and these are overlooked or ignored by another treating physician. This again leads to improper or delayed treatment which may cause further injury to the patient.

Radiology Misdiagnosis, Errors, & Mistakes

X-Ray read errors are a common form of medical malpractice. There are many ways that a medical misdiagnosis can present itself. However, a medical provider is only negligent when the signs and symptoms would lead a reasonable doctor to make a proper and timely diagnosis. This standard of care is based upon the training, skill, and specialty of the physician and the jury must determine whether a reasonable physician would have made the proper diagnosis. 

Common erros and mistakes by radiologists include the failure to properly interpret a film, the failure to promptly notify another doctor or surgeon of important findings, and the failure order additional studies when a condition should be suspected based upon another radiology study.

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