Protein Supplement Lawsuits For False Advertising

Protein supplement lawsuits are being filed against some of the leading industry product makers.  The lawsutis allege that the products contain substances to inflate the actual amount of protein in a product.  This is deceptive advertising and in violation of federal and state laws.  You can expect more of these lawsuits for "protein spiking" to be filed in the near future.

The most recent lawsuit for protein spiking was filed against Body Fortress for allegedly false advertising of the product.  The Complaint alleges that consumers are being given much less protein than advertised on the product label and in other advertisements.  Testing supposedly demonstrated that other substances were included in the product and it actually contained 30% less protein than advertised to consumers.

There are a number of widely used protein supplement brands and products sold through retail stores and online, including:

•             Pro Supps PS Whey

•             Allmax Nutrition ISO flex

•             Inner Armour Nitro-Peak

•             4 Dimension Nutrition Whey Phase

•             CVS Protein

•             Mutant Whey

•             Beast Sports 100% Beast Whey

•             New Whey Nutrition Multi Pro Whey

•             Infinite Labs 100% Whey Protein

•             Body fortress super advanced

•             Arnold series iron whey

•             Arnold series iron mass

Of those listed above, several have been determined by testing to include other substances to inflate the actual amount of protein in the supplement.  These include Body Fortress Super Advanced, Arnold Series Iron Whey, and Arnold Series Iron Mass.  Legal experts believe that some of these other products will show similar results after being tested.  This highly competitive market may cause a protein seller to spike the product to save money and increase the profitability of the supplement.

If you purchased and used any protein supplement, you may be eligible to file your own protein spiking class action lawsuit or join an existing class action lawsuit.   To learn more about your legal rights, call our award winning lawyers today at (800) 606-1717 to start your case.  We do not charge any legal fees unless you win a settlement and we pay all of the costs of the case.  It literally costs you nothing to get started.

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