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Pressure Sores on Ankles At Michigan Nursing Home | Bed Sore on Ankle

Our Michigan ankle ulcers nursing home attorneys are often called upon by victims of nursing home neglect. The victims are seeking a lawsuit for nursing homes neglect.  These lawsuits are brought against the nursing home because the nursing home staff let a resident sustain an ankle ulcer or pressure sores on ankles while under their care.

While many residents are at risk for ankle ulcers or pressure sores on ankles, these are completely preventable with proper care, treatment, and monitoring. When these painful ankle ulcers or pressure sores do occur, the resident can file a lawsuit against a nursing home.

Ankle ulcers or a bed sore on the ankle are caused by extended pressure on the ankle itself. These sores commonly develop among those who are elderly, sick, or disabled. However, they may also occur on patients who have difficulty moving themselves, such as those who have spinal cord injuries or who have suffered a stroke. In fact, any patient who is bedridden is prone to develop heel/ankle ulcers, as well as bedsores on the sacrum and on the tailbone.

When there’s pressure on the ankle from lying in the same position for hours, what happens is that the pressure on the ankle bone starts cutting off the blood supply to the ankle itself. A bed sore or pressure sores then forms on the ankle.

How Can Michigan Nursing Homes Prevent Pressure Sores on Ankles & Bed Sores on the Ankle?

Michigan nursing homes are responsible for the care and treatment of their patients. Part of this proper treatment includes ensuring that a patient does not develop bed sores or pressure sore. If this occurs and a patient suffers injuries, nursing home neglect may have taken place. There are many things that staff in nursing homes can do to prevent pressure sores from occurring; things that are common knowledge in health care. Some of these preventative measures include:

• Position a patient to avoid undue pressure on the bony prominences of the ankle or any type of shearing forces on the ankle or heel.

• Try to reposition a patient on a regular schedule of at least every two hours when the person is in bed and at least every 30 minutes when the person is sitting in a wheelchair.

• When a patient lies on his or her side, keep the ankles from touching each other.

• Be watchful of the skin; when any area on the ankle or heel is reddened, don’t massage that area. Check the patient’s ankles and skin on other places of the body twice daily – in the morning and at night.

• Try to assure the patient is receiving adequate nutrition and is sufficiently hydrated. Not enough protein makes it easier for the skin to break down.

• Maintain good personal hygiene, even if a patient has bowel or bladder incontinence.

• When bathing a patient, never use very hot water which may burn or dry out the skin.

• Avoid dressing patients with socks, shoes, and splints or braces that are too tight.

• A qualified health professional must regularly evaluate the nutritional needs of a patient, and intervene more regularly once a pressure sore appears.

Sue Michigan Nursing Home For Pressure Sores On Ankle

Did you know that patients have legal rights, including when they are suffering from a bed sore on an ankle or ankle ulcers? These conditions are completely preventable when nurses and nursing staff follow proper protocols known in nursing care when they are medically supervising patients.

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Buckfire & Buckfire law office has very experienced nursing home injury lawyer experts on staff that specialize in cases of ankle ulcers and bed sores on ankle. We have a very successful track record for winning sizeable settlements against Michigan nursing homes when the staff in these homes fail to properly manage and prevent pressure sores on ankles and ankle ulcers in their residents. We are rated a top expert attorney firm in the state of Michigan.

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