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Police Reports From Michigan Auto Accidents

Michigan car accident police reportOur Michigan auto accident lawyers represent car accident injury victims throughout the entire State of Michigan. We perform a detailed and extensive investigation into the cause of the accident to establish who was at fault for the crash.  Much of the information necessary to begin the investigation is the police report completed after the accident.

What Is Inside A Michigan Police Report?

The police report contains important facts and information about the accident.  The investigating police officer will note in the report factors that may have contributed to the accident, such as the weather conditions, the lighting in the area, and the conditions of the roadway.  For example, the police officer might note that the lighting in the area was good and the road was dry at the time of the accident.  This can be used to contradict the story of the at fault driver later on who claims that it was dark and the road was wet and slippery.

The police report also often contains statements of both eyewitnesses and drivers in the accident that were taken by the investigating police officer at either the accident scene or later on at the hospital.  These statements are also important because they are taken shortly after the accident and are often more reliable than statements given a year later if an auto accident lawsuit is filed.  It also provides our lawyers with information about eyewitnesses so that we can send our investigators out to ask more detailed questions.

When you hire our car accident lawyers to represent you, we obtain the police report, police photographs, and any police video immediately after you hire our law firm.  You can also obtain the police report yourself for any Michigan Law Enforcement Agency online the Michigan State Police website.

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