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Plastic Surgery & Dog Bites

Our Michigan dog bite lawyers  represent adults and children injured due to dog bites and dog attacks.  Victims of these attacks often suffer disfiguring and painful scars that require plastic surgery. The dog owner and insurance company for the dog owner should be forced to pay for the cost of these medical procedures.  

Dog bite wounds that bleed will inevitably result in scars. The question is whether they will be disfiguring, disabling or painful. Some types of skin produce keloid scars (i.e., scar tissue grows out of control, frequently producing raised, disfiguring scars). Small scars may fade away. Otherwise, scars may be improved but never removed. The type and severity of the scar depends on many factors, some of which are unrelated to the injury and involve our genetic predisposition. The severity of the injury also plays an important role in the severity of the scar. Special consideration is given to dog bite injuries to the head and neck because of cosmetic issues and the complexity of tissue, muscle and bone structures in these areas.  The central target area for the face includes the lips, nose, and cheeks.

Repair and Reconstruction of Dog Bite Wounds

Repair of the wounds may require simple closure, removal of injured tissue, and reconstructive surgery. Underlying nerve and bone injuries may need repair. Sometimes completely severed tissue can be replaced as a graft or reattached with microsurgical repair of tiny blood vessels. Sometimes doctors have to move other tissue into the defect to close or recreate the disfigured feature. Such reconstruction may need multiple operations over several years.

Scars may be improved but never completely removed. Other techniques used to improve the deformity include dermabrasion (sanding of the skin), pressure scar modification, and camouflage make-up.

Dog bite victims who require plastic surgery for their scar and wounds need the best possible legal representation for their case.   For more information about dog bite cases in Michigan, you should request our free book, "The Ultimate Michigan Dog Bite & Animal Attack Handbook."  You should also contact us to discuss your child's Michigan dog bite case. Our attorneys operate under a strict No Fee Promise, which means you do not pay a dime until we are about to reach a settlement for your case. Call our legal team and explain your situation to them. From there, they will advise you, at no cost, on what your best options will be. If it is determined you have a dog bite or animal attack case, we will begin work on your case immediately, keeping you updated every step of the way.

There are strict time deadlines on Michigan dog bite cases so it is important that you contact an attorney immediately. If you wait too long, your case could be lost forever!

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